We know, even with our tuition cost at a fraction of traditional Islamic schools, it may still be unaffordable for some families. Therefore, we have come up with several creative ways to reduce or completely eliminate your cost of attendance! There are six ways to help reduce the cost:

Referral Discounts – For every student that you refer who enrolls for live classes (without the use of scholarships/financial aid), you will receive a 10% discount off of one of your children’s enrollment fees, up to 100%! That means, if you refer 10 children and they all enroll, your child will attend for FREE! Plus, those children can be from any number of families. So, if you refer just two families with 5 children each and they all enroll, your child will attend for FREE for every month that those children continue to attend classes. It’s that simple. Upon enrollment, every parent will receive a referral code to pass on to friends and family. Some restrictions apply.This is one of the BEST WAYS to get free tuition, as it requires no application or financial information, no waiting lists, and the discounts become active as soon as the first month of tuition is paid by the referred family! Pretty awesome, right? Plus, you get the barakat for every student who enrolls and benefits from these classes! Masha’Allah, it’s a win-win situation. Learn more about our Referral Program HERE.

Sponsorship – We are actively seeking ongoing sponsorships and donations from generous organizations and individuals to help students who cannot afford the cost of tuition. You may also seek sponsorship yourself from your local masjid or community center, as well as family and friends, by using our Sponsorship Letter. For more information about sponsorship, please visit the Sponsorship Page HERE. Please fill out a Sponsorship / Financial Aid application to be considered as sponsorships become available from our generous donors.

Scholarship – Tayba Educational Center also offers full and partial need-based scholarships for families who need assistance covering the cost of tuition. As enrollment increases, we will be able to offer these scholarships annually, inshaa’Allah. Please fill out a Sponsorship / Financial Aid application to be considered as sponsorships become available.

Sibling Discounts – Don’t forget you get a discount with every student enrolled from the same household! We offer sibling discounts of 10% for the second child, 15% for the third child, and 20% for the fourth child. Any siblings beyond the fourth will receive a 20% discount off the full price per student rate for the plan chosen. Sibling discounts are applied at checkout.

Group Classes – Our Group classes have a maximum of six to eight students per class and run 45 minutes instead of 30-35 for private sessions. Group sessions are even more affordable than the private 1-on-1 sessions and can be a great option for large families. Group sessions will have students from different households in the session, however, it’s possible on rare occasions, that a single family could fill every spot in the group session as long as they have enough devices and their students all fall into the proper age range for that class. Visit the Pricing Page to learn more.

Subscription Plan – If you have a large family or simply cannot afford tuition, we also offer a Subscription Plan for families on a tight budget. Subscription plans range from $50 – $75/month PER FAMILY and will give you access to recorded class sessions or presentation slides, enrichment materials, pre-recorded lessons, and “Exploration Activities.” What subscription plans do not offer is the ability to participate in live classes, utilize the badge and incentive programs, receive teacher feedback, have parent/teacher conferences, take graded quizzes, or submit any graded work or activities. With subscription plans, students are also ineligible to participate in any contests or incentive programs.However, the subscription plan DOES give you access to all of the non-graded lesson materials and texts, worksheets and enrichment activities, recorded videos and some recorded live sessions, and any resources the instructor shares in the classroom resource section. This plan works great for homeschool families who are looking for a reliable and authentic curriculum, with lots of activities and enrichment materials, that they can teach and assess themselves. Visit our Subscription Plan Page to learn more!