Enroll your child in our Tayba Total Package! They will receive four Live Classes per week, two in Quranic Fluency (reading & recitation), one in Islamic Studies, and one in Quranic Tafseer (understanding the Quran). Plus one pre-recorded lesson in Islamic Studies, one “Exploration Activity,” and multiple weekly enrichment activities, quizzes, exams, contests, Quests and much more! Whether 1-on-1 or Group Sessions, our Bundled Programs are the best bang for your buck!



Only need Quran Reading & Recitation? Enroll in our Quran Fluency Ala Carte Program! Students will get a firm foundation in Qaida Noorania, perfecting their articulation and pronunciation before moving onto Tajweed Rules and Practical Quran Recitation.


Only need your children to get a better understanding of and connection to the Quran? Join our Quranic Tafseer Ala Carte Program! Students will begin with Juz Amma, starting from Suratul Ikhlaas and will learn about the context of each Surah, explanation of the meaning, special significance or value, and how to understand and apply this knowledge to their lives today.


Already have a Quran Program, but need a fun and engaging Islamic Studies program? The Tayba Islamic Studies Ala Carte Program allows your student to become fully immersed in the world of Islam! Parents can choose between 1-on-1 sessions or group sessions 1x/week, where children will enjoy exciting Live Classes with qualified instructors exploring Aqeedah (Creed), Ibaadah (Worship), Akhlaaq (Etiquette), and Seerah (Biography of the Prophet) with fun interactive lessons, exploration activities and enrichment!