About the Program

At Tayba Educational Center, we know how important it is for our children to make the most of their Summer vacation. We also know how difficult it can be for parents to find enriching, entertaining and affordable activities that their children will love. To help meet this need, we are offering four amazing programs this Summer that will immerse your child in the very best that Islamic Education has to offer!

Each course is four weeks long, taught one day per week, in our fun and engaging online classrooms. Students will have 60 minute group sessions, taught by our highly qualified and experienced instructors, that are interactive, educational and, insha’Allah, very inspiring. Each class also offers a variety of online activities, quizzes, and weekly Exploration Activities that are designed to encourage kids to get from behind the screen and back outdoors, exploring their world with new eyes and engaging the material on a more personal basis.

During the Summer, we are also launching our new “Incentive Program” which utilizes an array of colorful digital badges, gold coins (Dinars), a leader board, and a variety of contests and competitions to keep kids motivated to not only meet the basic requirements of the courses, but excel in them! Students who successfully complete each four week course will also receive a printable certificate for completing the program.






This fun and engaging online course helps young children make the most of Ramadan! Designed for ages 7 & up, this 4-class series guides children on a journey through the blessings and rewards of Ramadan, the importance of prayer and fasting, good deeds, gratitude and acts of charity, improving character, hunting for Laylatul Qadr and a bonus class on the Eid Celebration!


An exciting new course, taught by our adorable friend, Tariq the Tiger™, that helps children get to know Allah and connect with Him on a more personal level through learning about His Names and Attributes. Giving your child a strong foundation in their relationship with Allah is the most important gift you can give. Register Today!


Are your kids memorizing Qur’an but don’t know the meaning? Are they able to connect with and love Allah’s Book or are they just going through the motions? Maybe they haven’t explored Qur’an at all! Help instill a deeper understanding of the Qur’an from an early age, as Tariq the Tiger explores the short surahs with fun activities, kid-friendly explanations, and much more!


Kids should learn at an early age how to properly remember Allah and call upon Him. In this fun new program, children will learn a series authentic, age-appropriate du’aas that they can use everyday, as well as the etiquette of du’aa, value, and reward. This is an ideal companion class to our “Grow to Know Allah” series! Enroll Now!


AGES 12 & UP

Ramadan is here! Get your teens “Revved up for Ramadan” with this Limited Edition Ramadan Immersion course where youth will explore the beauty and blessings of Ramadan, the etiquettes and expectations, how to be productive, essential du’aas for the Holy Month, hunting for Lailatul Qadr, and Post-Ramadan Reminders. Limited Time Only!


An engaging new program designed to help teens connect with Allah and gain more sincerity in their communication with and devotion to their Lord. Exploring Allah’s Names and how they relate to us helps teens better understand their opportunities and responsibilities in this life and the next. Limited Seats. Enroll Today!


Teens often memorize the Qur’an but aren’t able to connect with it on a more personal basis. In this enlightening Tafseer course, youth will explore the short surahs in greater depth, as well as learn about the importance and special features of each surah and how to apply their understanding to their own lives. An essential course for every child. Memorization not required.


Truly in the Remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest. Being a teen is tough! Help your child build a stronger relationship with Allah through this foundational series of Essential Supplications for Teens. Your child will learn the etiquettes of du’aa, the value and importance of du’aa, and fundamental supplications that every teen should know!