At Tayba Educational Center, we believe that student motivation is one of the most important aspects of a successful academic program. If children are not motivated to learn, their acquisition, retention, and comprehension of knowledge will suffer. Motivated students perform better in the classroom and retain knowledge longer with more frequent application of what they’ve learned. And knowledge has little use if students aren’t retaining and applying it.

To keep our students motivated and excited to learn, we’ve created a fun & engaging digital badge and incentive program! Badge and incentive programs are an especially effective tool in improving student performance. Thus, as our students progress through lessons, improve their reading or recitation skills, memorize surahs and duaas, complete assignments and projects, win contests and competitions, and demonstrate in-depth comprehension and application of new knowledge they are awarded digital badges and / or points. These badges can be viewed on their Student Dashboards, where they can see where they stand of the Leaderboard, view new available badges, and share their digital badges on social media!

There are a variety of badges available for different lessons, tasks, projects and competitions. Be sure your child checks their Student Dashboard regularly to see what badges they’ve earned and what badges may be available. Also, you may subscribe to the blog to learn about new contests and competitions that earn prizes and badges, as well as new lesson-based badges that have become available!

More information about our badges and incentives coming soon!



At Tayba, we like to keep kids excited about what they’ve learned and we love to reward creativity and hard work!  Our online contests and competitions are designed to encourage students to challenge themselves, work hard, and think outside of the box. Students may have a simple online Quran Recitation Competition, Arts & Crafts Projects, Coding Challenges, Poetry and Essay Contests, Science Experiments and much more!

Many of our contests are sponsored by generous donors in the Islamic world, from toy manufacturers and resellers, authors and publishing companies, and Islamic clothing designers, to educational companies, masajid and religious institutions, and generous individuals. Prizes may range from anything from gift cards and apparel, to toys, books and electronics! Be sure to subscribe to the blog to stay up-to-date on upcoming contests and competitions!

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