Study Finds that Online Education Beats the Classroom

As technology continues to advance, more and more brick and mortar schools are striving to keep up with the trend by adding new technologies to the classroom environment. However, according to a 93-page report on online education, conducted by SRI International for the Department of Education, online education is still ahead of the curve. According to the study, on average, students who completed all or part of their coursework online ranked in the 59th percentile in performance, compared to only the 50th percentile for the average brick and mortar classroom student. While this may seem small, it’s significant.

Studies like these are evidence of a growing trend. As students become more and more adept in the use of computers, tablets, smartphones and other web-connected devices, the online classroom becomes the more natural learning environment for a mind wired for technology. And while the growth of technology in the classroom can be intimidating for some parents, it’s really about accommodating the needs of children growing up in the 21st century; Children and teens who will inevitably be immersed in a high-technology society. And whose level of comfort and familiarity with the online/tech-heavy world we live in, will be a direct determinate of their potential success in the future.

But that’s not to say that sitting in front of a screen for eight hours a day is necessarily healthy! Rather, online educators have become especially creative in using technology to get kids outdoors and involved in their communities. At Tayba Educational Center, we use the online classroom, digital rewards and incentives, and special “Exploration Activities” to get your kids back out in the world and away from the screen for a while. It may seem unusual that attending an online school would get your kids outdoors more, but we believe that a good Islamic Education requires engagement with the world around us, reflection in Allah’s creation, and the building of a strong sense of community involvement. Subscribe to the blog and explore our website to learn more about the Tayba Difference!