Welcome to the Quranic Fluency Department. The ultimate goal of the Tayba Quranic Fluency Program is to give your children a firm foundation in the Arabic language, leading to mastery of reading and reciting the Holy Quran. As students master varying elements of reading and recitation, they will earn digital badges to encourage them to continue practicing and progressing in the program. At Tayba we like to encourage and reward students for their hard work, so we also host occasional contests and events that will give students the opportunity to showcase all their hard work. Read below to learn more about our program.


The Curriculum

The study programs at Tayba reflect our philosophy of Authenticity, Engagement & Exploration. With that in mind, we only utilize texts that adhere to the Quran and Sunnah. We strive to offer a well-rounded and generally universal course of study, avoiding issues of major debate or specificity. We believe this approach allows us to provide a strong foundation in Islamic knowledge to a greater number of Muslim families across the globe.

The Tayba Quranic Fluency Curriculum has FIVE main areas of focus:

  • Correct Pronunciation
  • Tajweed Rules
  • Formation of Words
  • Speed, Pace & Fluency
  • Memorization

During each term students will explore these subjects at varying degrees. The content and level of detail is adjusted according to each class level, so that while students may be on the same track, learning the same concepts and information, the depth, detail, and delivery will be quite different dependent upon which class level they are at. As years progress, students will naturally be revisiting some of the same concepts and information, so that the early years give a basic foundation and later years offer a deeper understanding.

Texts & Resources

For Tayba Quranic Fluency, the classic Qaidah Nooraniah is used. The decades old text has been used all over the world as a primer to learning to read the Quran. Effective for those native to the Arabic language and for Non-Arabic speakers, the lessons bring the student gradually upon the path to fluency. You can learn more about Qaidah Nooraniah from the words of the grandson of the author HERE.

At Tayba, we aim to make our online classroom more interesting and exciting for students. Often we incorporate online videos and animations, graphics and illustrations, and other resources; in which case all materials are carefully reviewed by our Department Head to ensure adherence to our standards. Additionally we utilize a wide range of enrichment materials produced by Creative Motivations, a well-known Islamic Educational company in the US. Finally, we also produce many of our supplementary materials and online resources ourselves.


At Tayba we utilize digital badge and point programs to encourage students in their studies. We also launch exciting contests and competitions. Be sure to subscribe to the blog to get updates about upcoming contests and events. Click the image below to learn more about our Badge Program!


Check out these amazing video resources to help you practice, understand, and connect to the Holy Quran!

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