Wondering how you can get started with Tayba? Follow the simple 5-step process detailed below. We will walk you through the very first steps of getting enrolled to the final steps of getting ready for classes! If you haven’t yet explored our site and learned about our programs, this is a good place to find links to all the various resources to discover more about Tayba Educational Center! If you’re curious about what Islamic School taught online is really like, we will share with you what a “Day in the Life of a Tayba Student” is really like! Also check out our FAQs section for answers to commonly asked questions.



Step one is to enroll in the TEC Program! The entire enrollment process is online. Simply fill out the Enrollment Form and you will be able to select your students’ classes, schedule, and make a payment. If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to explore our program, you can learn more about Tayba Educational Center by visiting the “About Us” and “Enrollment” sections in the menu.

If you are interested in checking out our program firsthand before you enroll your students, check out our exciting Trial Classes! Trial Classes come in a fun 4-class series, where students will learn why it’s important to study Islam, as well as the fundamentals of the Islamic Faith. However, please keep in mind that our regular academic classes fill quickly and are first-come, first-serve. We will do our very best to accommodate every student, but to ensure a highly engaging and effective classroom experience is maintained, we must keep our class sizes small.

For Students enrolling in our Quranic Fluency Program (Learning to Read & Recite Quran), an assessment video will be required to place your student in the correct class. While many Quran Study programs simply place students based upon age, we’ve found that students are better served when they are placed based upon their current familiarity with and proficiency in reading and reciting the Quran. After enrollment, if you’ve enrolled a student in Quranic Fluency, you will receive an email instructing you on how to record a short video of your student reading/reciting the required materials.

Once your submission is received, our expert instructors will review the video and place your student in the correct level of class. We strongly urge parents not to coach, practice or prepare students for the assessment, as this can lead to them struggling unnecessarily with the materials later. Learn more about the Assessment Video process HERE.

Step two is to set up your students’ accounts in the Academy! You will receive detailed instructions via email once your enrollment form has been processed and your students’ class schedules organized. We use the WizIQ platform for our Online Academy. Each student must have their own account and email address to login to the WizIQ Academy and attend classes, review grades, take quizzes, and access enrichment materials. Thus, it’s very important that parents set-up EACH child’s Academy Accounts as soon as possible to ensure students have time to get acclimated with the system before classes begin.

We encourage parents to add info to the Academy Account that will help the teachers get to know your students better – such as photos, hobbies and interests, nicknames, etc.

Once you receive your Parent login details you can access the Online Academy in the top menu bar or by clicking HERE.

Step four is to attend an Orientation Session! The Orientation is the most important step before classes begin. Every parent is REQUIRED to attend an Orientation Session utilizing each of the devices that students will be using to attend classes (laptop, desktop, tablet, etc). During the Orientation Session, teachers will assist parents in ensuring that their technology is adequate and prepared before classes begin. They may also provide suggestions for creating an environment that is conducive to learning effectively in the digital world.

Instructors will also give parents a walk-through of the Online Academy, explaining how to access grades, download and view materials, and easily navigate the site. They may also go over basic rules and expectations that parents should discuss with their children before the start of the academic quarter. Once you have enrolled, you will receive a link via email to schedule an Orientation Session before classes begin. You can also schedule a session directly HERE.

Step five is to begin attending classes! Parents and students will receive automated reminder emails before their scheduled classes begin each day. The emails will include direct links to join the online class scheduled. We encourage students to explore the Online Academy before each class begins to review the class syllabus, assignments, quizzes, enrichment activities, downloadable materials, and communications from the instructor.

It’s important that students arrive on-time for classes, as instructors will typically begin class instruction no later than 10 minutes after the scheduled start time. This means, if students run into unexpected technical issues, there will be a small window of time at the start of class to fix it, once instruction begins, the teacher will not stop to wait for or assist students who are having technical issues.

Once your students have been enrolled, they can access the Academy via the top menu bar. Simply LOGIN to the Academy and you will find your schedule of classes, grades, assignments, etc.


Most TEC Students have Islamic Classes in the evenings after school or on the weekends. We design our class schedules with the aim of giving students time to complete their traditional homework, chores, or extracurricular activities without the TEC program interfering with their usual responsibilities.

Students will typically login to the online Academy early to check if any new materials have been posted, review quiz grades, submit homework, or checkout enrichment materials and activities that can be done for fun! At TEC the vast majority of learning is done in the online classroom. Most homework is optional, however, we’ve found that students who complete the homework assignments and enrichment activities perform better on quizzes and exams, have a more in-depth understanding of the concepts and lessons, and enjoy a better academic experience overall.




At TEC, we also like to create fun and engaging incentives to encourage students to explore the materials in more depth, challenge themselves, and be consistent and responsible in their academic studies. Thus, many students will check their student accounts for badges and rewards they’ve earned and new earning opportunities. If you see your child’s face light up and it’s not during class, there’s a good chance they’ve discovered a new badge they’ve earned on their student account!

We also run contests, giving students an exciting opportunity to challenge themselves and creatively show what they have learned! Students may have a simple online Quran Recitation Competition, Arts & Crafts Projects, Coding Challenges, Poetry and Essay Contests, and much more! Prizes can range from anything from gift cards and apparel, to toys, books and electronics!




Once classes begin, students are tuned-in with a headset + mic and ready to begin learning. Our classes are designed to be fun and engaging, not just tedious, boring lectures. So during class, you’re student may takes polls, watch videos, do online activities, and will always be encouraged to speak-up, join discussions, and think critically about the material! Students may share personal stories and experiences that they feel connects to the lesson; they may ask critical questions that actually expand the materials and encourage further investigation; or they may be the types of students who like to listen quietly and absorb. Teachers work hard to engage every type of learner to ensure that each student is having the best possible learning experience inside and outside of class!





When not in class, you may find your student doing Knowledge Quests and Exploration Activities! Knowledge Quests are online challenges that require students to explore a wealth of provided online materials to find the answers to a series of intriguing questions and perform challenges that will lead the student to their final destination. As students go on virtual scavenger hunts, they learn valuable information along the way and earn special digital badges when the Quests are completed! Knowledge Quests are optional enrichment activities that push students to think critically about what they’ve learned.

A Knowledge Quest is the perfect opportunity for students who are curious about a subject discussed during class, but due to time constraints, may not have been able to explore that subject in great depth. The Quest extends the lesson beyond the online classroom and keeps students interested and engaged in the lesson objectives.




Activities are a important part of our curriculum. Though the core of online learning takes place behind a screen, we believe that students MUST engage the world around them to truly learn! Exploration Activities are exciting video assignments given by instructors that encourage students to get outside and explore nature, science, sociology, math, art, literature, and much more through an Islamic Lens. Helping students view their world through the lens of Islam helps them better understand the course materials, as well as gain a curiosity and appreciation for the beauty and wonder of Allah’s creation, while better recognizing their roles in their local communities, as well as the world at large! So don’t be surprised if your students gain a new appreciation for nature, a new interest in science or social justice, or a new drive to clean-up their community and get involved!





While the digital classroom is not usually a place to make lifelong friends, at Tayba we know that students’ needs go beyond the digital world. Nowadays, many Muslim students feel isolated from their peers. To help solve that problem, we are working on a project called the “Tayba Social Hour” where students will be able to create detailed user profiles that share their likes and hobbies, then logon weekly to a online hangout where kids can connect face-to-face, and work on simple challenges together that help them connect with one another, socialize, and make new friends.

With parent permission, students will also be able to participate in a Penpal program, and as our network grows, parents can opt-in to the “Tayba Family” program that will help families connect with other Tayba students in their area. While our main goal is to help your students learn and understand the Quran and practice their Faith, we strive to take a whole-child approach. We hope that becoming a part of the Tayba Family will help your kids live happier, healthier lives as Muslim youth!