For every student that you refer who enrolls for live classes (without the use of scholarships/financial aid), you will receive a 10% discount off of one of your children’s monthly tuition fees, up to 100%! That means, if you refer 10 children and they all enroll, your child will attend for FREE! Plus, those children can be from any number of families. So, if you refer just two families with 5 children each and they all enroll, your child will attend for FREE for every month that those children continue to attend classes. It’s that simple.

Upon enrollment, every parent will receive a referral code to pass on to friends and family. Some restrictions apply. This is one of the BEST WAYS to get free tuition, as it requires no application or financial information, no waiting lists, and the discounts become active as soon as the first month of tuition is paid by the referred family! Pretty awesome, right? Plus, you get the barakat for every student who enrolls and benefits from these classes! Masha’Allah, it’s a win-win situation.