At Tayba, we are passionate about education. Our dedicated and experienced staff all have a common goal in mind: To educate and inspire the next generation of young Muslims. While there are a variety of avenues for Islamic Education in the West from private Islamic schools, to weekend schools, to home education… we realize that for some families, none of these are feasible options. Whether it’s cost, time, accessibility or environment that make these options difficult, everyone should have equal opportunity to a sound Islamic education. That is where Tayba Educational Center comes in!

We have built Tayba as a solution to the problem that many Muslim families face today: How to educate our children in the faith in a fun and engaging manner, with reliable, authentic information, that won’t break the bank! Tayba Educational Center is proud to offer a comprehensive Islamic education taught entirely online, with live instructors, who are dedicated to giving your children a sound foundation and understanding of their faith, with a deeper connection to Allah and His Book, and a genuine pride in their Islamic identity!

Our Quran Recitation teachers are all experienced and certified. Their goal is not simply to help your children read through the Quran, rather they take the time necessary to build a solid mastery of Tajweed to help each student truly perfect their recitation. Our teachers are patient, dedicated and will encourage your child to take great pride in their achievements every step of the way.

Our Islamic Studies and Quran Tafseer teachers are all native-English speakers, with a firm knowledge in Islam, extensive teaching experience, and a realistic understanding of what children in the West are facing today. They approach Islamic Education with a serious commitment to authenticity and accuracy, and a light-hearted and fun attitude in the classroom helping students better connect, engage, and get excited about living, learning, and loving the Deen.

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