Here at Tayba Educational Center, we take pride in our commitment to offering your family the very best in Islamic education. We employ modern technology and powerful award-winning software to create a distance learning environment where your children can truly thrive. In addition to creating a hi-tech environment that today’s youth are more comfortable with, we also use a three-pronged approach to education. Our curriculum and classroom environment is built upon the Tayba Philosophy of Authenticity, Engagement, and Exploration. Read on to learn more!



In our changing times, technology is at the forefront of education. Increasingly, brick and mortar school are struggling to compete with this trend by adding ipads, laptops, google classrooms, and a plethora of online apps, games, and incentive programs to keep children interested and engaged. However, adding new technology to the classroom does not remedy the issues that many families still face with traditional schooling- overclogged schedules, bullying and bad influences, lack of individual attention, waning student engagement, and high costs associated with transportation, school supplies, lunch and exorbitant tuition costs. Tayba Educational Center aims to remedy these issues in the area where it’s most important for Muslim youth today: their Islamic Education.

Compared to a traditional private Islamic schools, Tayba offers:

  • More Affordability
  • Flexible Schedules
  • Smaller Class Sizes
  • Individualized Attention
  • More Engaging Use of Technology
  • Opportunity to Connect with Peers in a Safer Environment
  • Friendly Competitions, Contests, and Incentive Programs
  • Encouragment to Explore the Environment through the Lens of Islam
  • Bolstering of Student Pride in Their Muslim Identity
                                                                                                        …and much more!

It’s no wonder more and more parents are turning to online education for their families. Furthermore, Tayba’s Educational philosophy fits hand-in-hand with the goals of many Muslim familes who pursue home education rather than traditional classrooms. With our flexible scheduling, individualized attention, transparency in curriculum and classroom activities (parents are welcome to join their students in class or review the video recordings of each class), and an environment where students can focus entirely on the lessons being taught rather than the distractions of socializing, peer pressure, and popularity, Tayba Educational Center is an ideal solution for homeschoolers as well!



As children learn about and explore their faith, you want it to be done in a safe and encouraging environment. Our online classroom format ensures that children are kept safe from some of the pitfalls of many private Islamic schools, whether that’s bullying and ostracization; peer pressure and bad influences; or simply a lack of individualized attention.  Online classrooms are kept small (6 students max), giving children the chance to connect with peers in a safe monitored environment, while receiving one-on-one, face-to-face attention from instructors, as well as digital and real-world incentives that encouarge proper Islamic etiquette, respect, and kindness to and consideration of one’s peers at all times.

Through the use of modern online tools and classroom controls, instructors are able to vastly reduce disruptive behavior and distractions, and encourage attentiveness and student engagement!



At Tayba Educational Center, we use a three-pronged approach to create a truly enjoyable and effective distance learning environment. Our curriculum and classroom atmosphere is built upon the Tayba Philosophy of Authenticity, Engagement, and Exploration. By building a strong foundation from authentic sources, creating an engaging classroom environment, and encouraging exploration outside of the classroom, we strive to provide your children with the most effective online learning experience possible!

Authenticity – We take your children’s education seriously, therefore, at Tayba we believe a firm foundation in the faith begins with Authenticity. The Tayba Curriculum bases all of it’s materials solely on authentic sources. Namely, the Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (s). With a tremendous wealth of strong, authentic ahadith from the sunnah, we see no need to use weak ahadith in our curriculum. This helps us avoid any debatable matters and ensures we are providing students with the most sound Islamic education possible. Visit our Curriculum page to learn more.


Engagement –
  While the lecture format can be effective in a college environment, we believe younger students need a greater level of engagement to truly absorb material and connect with it on a deeper level. Therefore, at Tayba, we strive to create classrooms that not only invite, but expect, students to speak up, ask questions, share their thoughts, and get involved. Lively discussions are the cornerstone of an effective online classroom, and each class is designed to provide just that. Students are rewarded for wracking their brains, raising their hands, and voicing their opinions. Studies show that the more a student interacts with and discusses the material, the better their comprehension and grasp of the lesson at hand.

In many classes, we also utilize colorful and interesting texts, supplementary activity sheets, quizzes and exams, eye-catching online lessons with charts, illustrations, videos, and interactive polls, as well as digital badge systems, social sharing, contests and awards… all to help students stay engaged and excited about attending class each week, and completing outside of class lessons and activities!

Exploration –  We believe that an online classroom can only be effective if there is an off-line component that allows students to apply what they’ve learned and explore their world through new eyes. Therefore, at Tayba Educational Center, our classes include an off-line component that helps students learn through action and application. As students learn about Islamic History, Seerah, Foundations of the Faith, Quranic Tafseer, Islamic Etiquettes, and the Qualities & Attributes of Allah, they are given assignments that get them from behind the screen and into the real world, where they must extend their lessons, think more deeply, reflect on the world around them, and connect with their new knowledge on a more personal level. Exploration activities differ based upon age-group, but assignments range from getting out and exploring nature, cooking in the kitchen, and writing poems and short essays to designing posterboards, creating board games or apps, recording video blogs, doing science experiments and much more!  Our teachers are always finding creative new ways to help your children get excited about exploring their faith!

A high-quality Islamic Education at an affordable price.

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